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What exactly is coaching?

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

A while ago I began my journey into coaching and I have now completed my Diploma in coaching and set up my very own coaching business, yay! I’ve noticed that when I tell people I’m a coach they nod and say encouraging things but when I ask them what they know about coaching, there are misconceptions about what coaching is and is not. So, what exactly is coaching?

To me, coaching is listening, really listening to my clients and getting to know what they want and don’t want from their life at this particular time. I ask questions, I get curious and encourage my clients to get curious about themselves too. I give my clients space to think, talk, reflect and I ask them questions they usually have not been asking themselves about what they truly want to be, do and have.

I work with my clients on all sorts of areas in their life from finding their life purpose, career, relationships, finances, communication skills to living a more holistically balanced life. My role is not to make decisions for my clients or give them advice. I know when I first started being coached I was so frustrated that my coach would not tell me what I needed to do, what decision to make or give me advice…I thought that was what I was paying my coach to do! So, I understand the frustration but I trust and respect my clients too much to tell them what they should or need to be doing with their lives.

If you would like to know more about the coaching I offer, please feel free to contact me and we can schedule time to have a conversation.

Also, let me know your thoughts on this, I’m thinking about writing some more articles so any ideas or feedback are welcome.

Thanks and have a great week x

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