• Clare MacInnes

Why I choose not to give my clients advice

You decide it’s time to sign up for some superfantastico coaching, you want someone to tell you what to do, to give you advice and then you learn that many coaches choose not to give advice…so, what’s that all about?

Think about how many times have you been given advice? And how many times have you taken it then implemented it into your life? If you’re not sure, reflect on how much advice you were given yesterday and listen out today for how much advice you are given by experts, social media, online articles, adverts, well intended family, friends and work colleagues. Next think about how much of that advice you will follow and build into your life.

Secondly, it is my client’s life; not mine. I empower my client to feel that they know themselves and can trust themselves to make decisions. We look at the ‘what ifs’, what if it went wrong? What if it went right? When did they make a decision that they thought was ‘wrong’ and it all worked out just fine?

My client’s life decision, goals, ideas are not mine to take away. Most of you reading this live in a society where we can make our own decisions on where we work, what we eat, drink, wear, what music we want to listen to, books we want to read and so on. Many people on our planet have had that choice and so much more taken away from them, so I do not deny my clients the privilege of making their own decisions.

You are the true expert on you, we seek validation from our outside world but everything we need is already within us. We are privileged to live in a society that gives us choices, so let’s make those decisions with gumption and joy, for ourselves and for all those that do not have the luxury of making their own choices.

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