I am a qualified Advanced Reiki Practitioner and I offer Reiki in person in Lewisham. I also use Reiki (this is completely optional) as part of my coaching, where I use distant Reiki and meditation at the start of our session. 

What is Reiki 

A beautiful, calming and restorative method of balancing your chakras, enabling you to breath, connect with your inner self and relax. I find it helps clear my mind and then open me up to creative and innovative ideas, along with feeling super chilled. A recent study shows that a 20 minute Reiki session has the same positive impact on the brain as 3 hours of deep sleep. 

Using Reiki with animals 

This is something so special and a true gift I recommend all animal lovers learn. I use Reiki to help animals be calm and confident, this is especially helpful if they have lost a fellow animal or human companion. It can also be used to calm a pet that may be having some issues or has recently been attacked or spooked.